BCHC Board of Directors Meeting

Upcoming BCHC Board of Directors Meetings:
October 11 & 12, 2019 in Santa Nella, CA

Executive Board Meeting:
Friday, October 11th at 6:00 p.m. in the Terrace Room
(Dinner off the menu on your own – limited seating for guests)

Education and Public Lands Committee:
Saturday, October 12th at 9:00 a.m. in the Santa Nella Room.

Board of Directors Meeting:
Saturday, October 12th,will follow as soon as Education and Public Lands adjourn.
Directors are expected to attend 9:00 a.m. session as information will not be repeated.

Download: 30 Day Notice
Please contact your unit president for a copy of the agendas and other pertinent documents.

2019 BCHC Packing Intern Scholarship

Introducing the 2019 BCHC Intern Julia Heller!

Julia Heller began her mulepacking career 5 years ago when she joined the Mid Valley unit of Backcountry Horsemen, a non-profit service organization dedicated to preserving the back country and trails used by equines. Then they sponsored the first mid-valley intercolligate pack team in 2014 for Bishop Mule Days.. She had never ridden a horse before this point, but she and her mulepacking team would go on to win the World Championship Intercoligate Packteam the following year, her all girls team swept the event, taking first in all 4 events.

Since then, Ms. Heller has held a position on Board of Directors for Back Country Horsemen, Mid Valley unit, and spent her first season, summer of 2016, packing at Rock Creek packstation out of Bishop, California. She continued in her career by teaching horseback riding at a Camp Menzies, a girl scout camp in Arnold, California during the summer of 2017. She then went on to work hunting season, fall of 2018, at Leavitt Meadows Pack Station out of Bridgeport, Ca.

Now, Ms. Heller works as a full-time mulepacker leading muletrains in the Grand Canyon, daily descedning and acsending over 5,000 feet in elevation as she and her string pack supplies and duffels to and from Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon. Throughout her career, Ms. Heller has developed an immemnse passion for the art of mulepacking, including everything from the stock she works with, to the beautiful country and landscapes she packs in. To think that her first mule ride at Carl Perry’s house she cried, to be able to pack in the Grand Canyon and do what she loves supported, by the people who taught her is almost unfathomable to her.

2019 Intern Julia Heller

2020 Rendezvous

Rendezvous Graphic

The 2020 Rendezvous will be held
March 27-29, 2020 at the
Tehama District Fairgrounds
in Red Bluff, CA.

"Working Together on Trails"

Check the Rendezvous page for the latest news!

Help California Fire Victims!

Backcountry Horsemen of California has put together a
wildfire aid fund. Your donation will help fund feed and
supplies to assist in the training of non-horse people who
will be providing the care of all the displaced equines.

Several BCHC units have already contributed.
Add your personal donation today!

We would like to thank John Beck from the Hay Yard in Red Bluff
(14300 Molluc Drive Red Bluff CA 96080) for helping us to deliver a
truck and trailer load of hay to the rescue center at the Fair Ground in Gridley.
John gave us a real assist by giving us a big discount and arranging a
squeeze in Gridley to unload the hay at no cost.

So far we have received over $9000.00 in donations.
Right now the Butte County Animal Control has shut down the rescue site
in Gridley, but as soon as things get figured out we hope to send more supplies.
From what we are hearing here are a lot of animals still inside the black zone
that are safe, food and water are being transported to them daily.

Donate through PayPal below.
100% of ALL funds gathered for this fundraiser
will used to support displaced livestock.

Who We Are and What We Do

Revised 1/2017

2018 BCHC Summer Intern

We're proud to introduce our BCHC Summer Intern:
Kristianne Morrison of Fresno, CA.
She will be working with Michael Morse and Lee Roeser
on the Inyo National Forest

"I have been riding my whole life since I was little. I participated in FFA while in High School. I have volunteered at horse facilities and ride both english and western. I have worked at a pack station for the last three seasons. Growing up my life has been based on camping and caring for our wilderness and horses. Its always been a goal of mine to be able to work for the Forest Service."

Kristianne Morrison of Fresno, CA.

Leave No Trace Master Educator Stock Course

BCHC is contracted to provide the only
Leave No Trace Stock Master Educator course in the country!

Leave No Trace

For more information, visit:
BCHC Leave No Trace

BCHC was able to secure a discount with CalStar
and Reach (companies have merged into one now).

We hope you can take advantage of this very important coverage.
Feel free to contact the representative listed on the flyer if you have any questions.
We are delighted to secure this coverage and we want all our members to be as safe as possible.
Coverage Map

Riding Warehouse

BCHC has partnered with Riding Warehouse
to give our members a 15% discount!

Ask your Unit Secretary for the discount code!

BCHC Signs Letter of Partnership Intent with PCTA
PCT Letter of Partnership Intent