Unit Projects

Each unit of Backcountry Horsemen of California completes multiple work projects on an annual basis when given the opportunity. Please visit our ‘California Unit Map’ page to see which unit is closest to you, and contact them for more information on ongoing or planned work projects for the upcoming year.

Examples of work projects:


’10 Bear Work Weekend’ – November 2022

In October of 2022, several members of the Redwood Unit of Backcountry Horsemen set off into the Six Rivers National forest in Humboldt County to build a set of corrals for an equestrian campground that they knew needed some work. Their sights were set on Ten Bear, a trailhead on the West side of the Marble Mountain Wilderness. 

Going up, the team already knew there was damage to some of the corrals, and spent their first day clearing debris with chainsaws and elbow grease. The first day they assessed most of the damage and fixed some small things like a rotting hitching post. The corner of one of the corrals was burnt from a wildfire that had passed through the previous year, so they found some wood to replace it. They patched up all of the fallen fencing and picked up wire that was found around the corral areas. 

The second day, they turned off the water system for the winter and used the tools they had brought to cement-in the new corrals. The team brought up a welder, all of the corral panels for two corrals, hammers, nails, drills, shovels, a posthole digger, cement and some great attitudes. 

On their way home, they checked out another horse camp in the area – Stanshaw – and fixed a couple of gates. They also found a spot that would be good to build an eventual outhouse one day. 

No stock was brought up on this trip, but the group left the spot for the winter knowing that using the new corrals in the springtime is just around the corner. A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this project: Lori White, David Pritchard, Penny Calvo, Marsha Bradbury, Mary Moore and Billie Mohr.


‘Grider Creek’ – May 2023

“So our corral build project at Grider Creek had to be put on hold today to get approval for an alternative site at the campground (long story, lots of rocks in the soil at the first site). Instead we visited with a cute hen turkey that was unfazed by our visit, and we cleaned up a very large Douglas Fir that was previously cut down by the Forest Service in one of the campgrounds. Thanks to Robert and Alan for the chainsaw work! Thanks to Ashley, Kyle, Michael and Michele for help with the cleanup.”


‘Eastman Lake’ – May 2023

A couple of Sierra Freepackers got out today to clear a couple of down trees on the trail at Eastman Lake. Two oaks removed and the old “face slappers” trimmed. Trail is still deeply rutted along the way.

Meet a really friendly group of Central Valley Hikers. Had great connection with them!

We started at the Lake View Trail Head and covered 1 1/2 miles. First mile is badly rutted, next 1/4 mile is pretty good. Next 1/4 mile is again in bad again. That was it of the four mile trail. I know more deep ruts and ugly rocks on the other end.

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