Attention all members/units:
Activities involving youth must include helmets on all riders under the age of
18 years old, and liability release forms.

Medical treatment forms should be signed by parents/guardians if the
parents/guardians are not staying for the activity.

BCHC Packing Policy (443 kb .pdf)

BCHCFirstAidKit (351 kb .pdf)
Approved Sawyer First Aid Kit (link)

BCHC Cover Sheet Tailgate Safety Briefing Livestock Operation Leader
(293 kb .pdf)

BCHC Tailgate Safety Review (229 kb .pdf)

BCHC Tailgate Safety Session Form (111 kb .pdf)

BCHC Personal Emergency Notification (28 kb .pdf)

BCHC Emergency Evacuation Plan Coversheet (123 kb .pdf)

BCHC Incident Report (135 kb .pdf)

Trailhead Communications Plan (TCP) (401 KB .pdf)

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) (224 KB .pdf)

JHA Packing with Livestock (316 kb .pdf)

BCHC Check List for Outings and Work Parties (316 kb .pdf)

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