Unit Resources


BCHC Event and Release Waiver PDF

BCHC Request Form for Public Days Additional Insured WordPDF

BCHC Unit Annual Insurance Renewal Form PDF

BCHC Unit Annual Insurance Renewal Form Example WordPDF

Insurance Liability Defined for Clubs WordPDF

BCHC Insurance Activity Disclosure WordPDF

Youth Activities Insurance Forms

BCHC Youth Membership Permission Release WordPDF
Must be signed and included with ALL youth memberships.

BCHC Youth Parent Permission Form WordPDF
(Designates a person responsible for youth in parent’s absence.)

BCHC Youth Summer Camp Release WordPDF

Youth Event Insurance Request Form WordPDF

This form is used for Youth Educational Activities only. We must stress that all activities under this insurance policy must be publicized under the name BCHC Education Fund Inc. and then sponsored by the unit name in order to be legally covered.

Visit our Youth page for more information on youth activities.

Please contact Insurance Coordinator, NOT the insurance agent, with any of your questions or concerns.

Membership Data

Membership data will be provided monthly. These are Excel file formats. To obtain the password, the Unit President or Membership Coordinator needs to contact: BCHC Webmule

At the direction of the Exec Committee, we will no longer send membership renewal verification “green slips”. Instead, each unit president & membership chair will get a personal email from Membership Coordinator with each units data AND it will be put on the web page in a password protected section.

Membership data is current as August 1, 2023

If you have any questions regarding the information in your unit’s membership data, contact our Membership Coordinator.

BCHC Education Fund, a 501c3 Non-Profit Foundation

BCHC Education Fund Bylaws (501c3)
501c3 Flow Chart
501c3 Grant Policy
501c3 Grant Application For General Funds
501c3 Grant Budget Form
501c3 Application For Unit Specific Funds
501c3 Grant Completition Form

To Apply for Grants:

For more details and requirements, please refer to Grant Policy.
501C3 Education Fund Grant Forms:
General Educational Project Submission Form 1
Grant Committee Use Only Form 2
Educational Project Budget Form 3
Unit Specific Educational Project Submission Form 4
Educational Project Completion Form 5
To apply for General (not unit specific) 501C3 State Education Fund Grant:
Complete all pages of Form 1, Form 3 and Form 5.
To apply for Unit Specific 501C3 Education Grant Funds Policy:
Complete all pages on Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5.
BCHC Education Fund Inc. is a 501C3 charitable organization.
All 501C3 grants must be education related.

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